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See you soon! Enjoy Christmas! ;) 
Najla H Thank you very much Renata Chi for your kind words! We are really glad that you enjoyed our workshop :smile:  Have a wonderful holiday season :heart:  
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John Crowd Around workshop follow-up and feedback
A big thank-you for all your awesome participation in our crowdsourcing workshop activity! You can now view the Codigital analytic reports for both groups at https://crowdaroundworkshop.wordpress.com/2014/12/02/group-challenge/ (There are word clouds and various graphs and charts.) And we hope our other website resources prove useful to you in your next crowdsourcing venture.
We would also really appreciate your feedback in our polls: https://crowdaroundworkshop.wordpress.com/feedback/ 
There's an open comment box if you would like to leave a comment or suggestion.
Have a wonderful break, everyone!
Take care,
John, Chelsey, Renee, and Ye
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John Workshop Presentation:
We chose this topic based on a group member’s experiences with a very successful worldwide crowdsourcing initiative: CrowdOutAIDS. Some of the group members had no clue what crowdsourcing was, and as a group, we decided that the class would appreciate discovering this exciting and fast-growing area. In particular, we chose to present the steps for crowdsourcing as they relate to the creation of a strategic plan (topic areas with key points beneath) because the strategic planning process is important to many areas of educational technology (creating a new course, new software, new policy and procedures manual, etc.). As future educational technologists, our classmates will be concerned with creating educational products and trainings that match the needs of various populations. Using crowdsourcing and online collaborative project management tools is an important way to ensure that this happens.
In addition, we received advice during our pitch about making it as easy as possible for workshop participants to access the Codigital crowdsourcing tool to be used for our activity. In response, we assigned one of our group members to contact Codigital and negotiate with them to provide two public links to our crowdsourcing projects within the Codigital tool in place of requiring individual sign-ups. 
Provide an infographic that defines crowdsourcing and its uses. An infographic is a more effective way to present a complex concept such as crowdsourcing than text. This provides a nice link to the workshop on infographic design and their tagline "one picture is worth a thousand words"
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Alex Feedback: Keep your health in Check Using Tech!
Thank you for participating in our DiscoTech!
Your feedback is important to us. Please go to http://technologyandhealth.wordpress.com/about/ and answer our survey (you'll find it at the bottom of the page).

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