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1096 days ago
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Thank you very much for participating in our workshop, you all were great! Your positive spirits made our workshop fun and productive. We hope that you enjoyed your time, and found the experience informative and useful :heart:
1101 days ago
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Show Me Don't Tell Me - The non-designer's guide to infographic design.
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1107 days ago
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A big thank-you for all your awesome participation in our crowdsourcing workshop activity! You can now view the Codigital analytic reports for both groups at https://crowdaroundworkshop.wordpress.com/2014/12/02/group-challenge/ (There are word clouds and various graphs and charts.) And we hope our other website resources prove useful to you in your next crowdsourcing venture.
1107 days ago
1110 days ago
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Hey girls! This is our hackpad space to discuss the project further.  I'm going to jot down some ideas below, feel free to add. PS. Click on the speech bubble above (center of bar a bit to the right) to make a note so we can all see who typed and know when changes are made. It would make it easier to work on this collaboratively. 
1111 days ago
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All of our group notes and meeting minutes are available on our hackpad
1126 days ago
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Please consult our slide presentation here: 

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