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Title: Keep Your Health in Check Using Tech!
Team Members: Alejandra, Klara, Linda-Ann, Nafiseh, Renata
Abstract: This 90 minute DiscoTech workshop familiarizes the participants with different health related apps, more specifically mental health, physical activity and nutrition. The workshop begins with the viewing of a 2 minute storytelling type animated video, providing participants with an overview of how the target audience could benefit from the workshop. Participants are then given some background information about health and wellness in society, and are taken through the journey of a relatable character, through storytelling. Each participant is assigned to one of three categories of health apps interactive stations. In teams, they rotate between the stations to finish the journey of the character. At each station, the participants receive information about apps and get the chance to try them out on a tablet or laptop provided. The participants learn about a total of 8 apps. At the mental health station, the partitipants learn about MindShift, an app about strategies to reduce anxiety, Headspace, a website and app about meditation and improvement of mood, and BellyBio, an app which provides exercises to guide the user into deep breathing. At the exercise station, participants learn about Strong Runner, an app designed for people who would like to run, Sworkit, an app which provides weight free exercises, and the 7 minute workout, a webpage for people who don't own a smartphone.  At the nutrition station, the participants learn about MyFitnessPal, an app developed to help users manage their weight, and eaTracker, an app which assists its users in understanding their eating habits. The participants later take part in another group activity, which includes two major sections, i.e the introduction to the key steps and features of app design and sketching of an app’s front page. The participants get the chance to present their design and give or receive feedback on the apps or the activity. 
Tagline: Have you ever felt stressed, tired or out of shape? To connect with your health, join our DiscoTech and learn how apps can help.
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Thank you very much for participating in our workshop, you all were great! Your positive spirits made our workshop fun and productive. We hope that you enjoyed your time, and found the experience informative and useful :heart:
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Show Me Don't Tell Me - The non-designer's guide to infographic design.
Project Website
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A big thank-you for all your awesome participation in our crowdsourcing workshop activity! You can now view the Codigital analytic reports for both groups at https://crowdaroundworkshop.wordpress.com/2014/12/02/group-challenge/ (There are word clouds and various graphs and charts.) And we hope our other website resources prove useful to you in your next crowdsourcing venture.
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Thank you for participating in our DiscoTech!
Your feedback is important to us. Please go to http://technologyandhealth.wordpress.com/about/ and answer our survey (you'll find it at the bottom of the page).

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