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Somi Lee

1165 days ago
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Somi L Workshop Agenda (Oct 6th) 
In today’s lesson, students will learn 
  • How to connect the hard-drive
  • How to import images/clips into iMovie
  • To create a new project/ event
  • How to trim and adjust the duration of the clip
  • To apply iMovie tools in their clip. i.e. transition, adding text
  • How to use settings accordingly
  • To embed music (jamendo or  royalty free music)
  • To export the clip to Vimeo (ID: OurDigitalProjects@gmail.com , PW: Concordiauniversity)
Agenda of the workshop
  • Go over today’s agenda 
  • Explore iMovie together starting with a demonstration (Open iMovie by clicking F4 and then double clicking on the iMovie icon) 
  • Start practicing on iMovie (if there’s still time)
Your Task
Create 1-2 minutes of a clip including the following
  • Import clips into iMovie 
  • Trim the clips into 1 minute segments
  • Embed at least one text into the scene
  • Add at least one kind of sound effect 
  • Add at least one music track from iTunes
  • Export your clip onto Vimeo
  • Add at least one image overlayed onto the clip 
  • Add a map 
  • Add voice recording (clicking V to bring the feature to the display)
When you have a problem while working on iMovie, you can reach me by email (som_lee@live.concordia.ca) or you can refer to the Apple Support to troubleshoot. http://support.apple.com/kb/index?page=search&src=support_site.globalheader.search&locale=en_CA&q=imovie
  • Your idea pitch will be next class
  • I encourage you to book an appointment with me if you need extra help and/or want to use advanced techniques for your clip that was not covered in today’s workshop. 
1174 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Somi Lee 1174 days ago
Somi L Hi everyone
Hi everyone,
This is Somi. I want to use this section to inform you about the workshop content. I will post the workshop breakdown, tasks, activities, and reminders. Please check this section before each workshop. Thanks.

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