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Mark Title: 60 Seconds to Salsa
Group members: Linda-Ann and Mark
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The second is a vlog entry from early 2013 (http://youtu.be/O51nverG-h8). I believe it addresses some of the issues of online networks, and how the control of our individualized networking is being subverted by logarithms and corporate control of social networking sites (SNS) for profit. To help you contextualize, you may wish to review pages 20-21 of our readings for a brief explanation of collapsed contexts, or you can view Wesch's presentation at the Library of Congress (http://youtu.be/TPAO-lZ4_hU). 
Mark Here is the link to my Prezi that I will be using on Monday (http://prezi.com/hq16pqe13ebd/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy). You should be able to click through the slides to see some of what we will be doing. You can view the videos above inside the Prezi to save you a few clicks.
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Mark NaViME DiscoTech: Baby Got App
A more organized and simpler way to see all that we are doing is available here: https://discotechnavime.hackpad.com/
Meetings and Summaries: 
October 28: Group members are finalized with Mark being added by Dr. G (at Erin's request).
October 29: Skype video conference call.
Erin, Narinee Halajian, Vim, and Mark present
  • Unique Hackpad URL is created (discotechnavime.hackpad.com)
  • General exchange on project and individual understanding of goals and objectives of the project.
  • Each shared their past experiences and general strengths in terms of audiences and ages worked with or comfort level with.
  • The idea of creating an app from scratch was brought up (Erin?) and appealed to all because each is interested in being challenged by the project and not just doing something already known.
  • Vim presented her idea of using budgeting and/or money as an important topic for today's society.
  • Mark shared past activities he has used in classrooms that have pointed out how much money students can spend for their high school proms.
  • These ideas were combined into creating a project where students will create a personalized money management app for their saving/budgeting for a purchase/expense of their own choice. 
  • Collaboratively, the group started filling-in the presentation pad.
  • Tasks were given to all to complete for next meeting.
  • A second Skype conference call was scheduled for Saturday, November 1 for 8:30 AM.
Presentation questions:
Vim Title(Narinee): Baby Got App: Creating an App to Manage your Money for Youth 
Narinee H Tweet description(Narinee): Learning how to create an app with ease can make saving money a breeze. 
Mark Audience(Narinee): High School and young adults. Part of an optional class at school like business or economics. 
Objectives(Vim): creating a budgeting app in Appmaker for a concrete purchase or expense in their life 
Vim Concepts(Vim/Erin) from class: Mozilla Maker Party Tools and/or other app making tools
Narinee H Purpose of project(Vim): Student and/or young adults don't know how to manage money therefore we are creating an app that helps them learn to manage their money. Thus we are combining technology with a real life problem. 
Mark Structure(Mark): Prior knowledge: arithmetic, basic research for desired monetary objective, 
     Introduction: 1. Ask students if they have ever made a large purchase in their lives. 2. Collect examples. 3. Ask them what they want to purchase or need to purchase in their future (ie- prom, spring break trip, new car, iPhone 6, etc.). 4. Ask them about how they earn money. 5. Ask them what expenses they have.
Vim     App building process step-by-step    
Narinee H     Discussion Questions: Why is it important to budget? 
  •     Why are apps used so much these days? 
Setup(Mark): Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), Smart Board?/Projector, extra laptops to try creating app themselves, 
estashin@medzone.ca Preliminary info: they need to know very little
Narinee H
  • That looks great so far. Thanks
Hey Narinee here, I just decided to underline and bold the headings so as to differentiate them from the rest of the text.
  • Good idea
estashin@medzone.ca My email to Vim and Mark bounced. So I am posting the appbuilding 
App-building resources:
  • Mozilla Appmaker is that free tool for creating personal mobile apps - it does not require the user to know code. It is quite user friendly - one can pick a template to get started or opt to develop the interface from scratch, using "bricks" to build features. Of all the apps listed, this one might very well be the most basic and user friendly. Although very basic, this might  be the easiest option for actually teaching students, about developing apps. 
  • Buzztouch is a basic open source software that helps people to develop apps for iOS and Android  devices. Using a six-step process, non-developers can produce a basic app without even knowing the intricacies of any coding language. It is considered a content management software: screens are known as plug-ins which display a list of menus and tasks. Graphic design capabilities are rather simplistic or non-existent so one may have to accept simple, straightforward HTML-style interface. The video tutorials for BuzzTouch are very well conceived. This app had the advantage of being familiar to me - one grad school colleague has used Buzztouch to create at least 7 apps, some of which are selling on iTunes. A bit more sophisticated than Mozila's Appmaker, this might actually be my close second / back up first choice for our assignment. 
  • The Infinite Monkeys app builder is a basic app builder software. It embraces a WYSIWYG console which allows the user to manipulate the page layout and interface without knowing or needing to see or reveert back to the coding language or programming screens. It appears to offer more design capabilities than Buzztouch and also seems to have sophisticated features that allow builders to track the usage of their apps as well as downloading stats. The video tutorials are very helpful and well-presented. The free software may involve advertising. This might be my third choice for our assignment. (first choice for a level two workshop)
  • Pixate is an app development service for designers. It makes it easy to build interactive, animated mobile prototypes (Android and iOS) that can run on a mobile device. The key word, here, is prototype. Content is meant to go from a design phase, to development, and then beyond then app on to finalization by a computer engineering team. Pixate is only one step in the process - not a complete solution. The animations are categorized as simple to complex – with effort, it may allow for designs that are more complex than what can be achieved with Buzztouch, for example. Apps are styled with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and, believe it or not, it is not necessary to know coding language. I just learned of this software from Dr. G. It's very good if all you need is a prototype which someone else intends to develop. 
  • Swift is a powerful programming language created by Apple for people who wish to build iOS and Mac apps. It’s relatively new and may not have the volume of self-help tutorials which other apps do. Apple claims that Swift is easy to learn stating that “writing code is interactive and fun”, even for those who have never coded. I don’t disagree but recognize that proficiency with computer languages and syntax would certainly be helpful, if not mandatory. It might be slightly more labour-intensive to use Swift than Infinite Monkeys or BuzzTouch. I definitely don't recommend it for our assignment. 
Mark  Meetings and Summaries:
 November 1: Skype video conference call.
Erin, Narinee Halajian, Vim, and Mark present
  • Vim posted a PPS (PPT deck) to the pad.
  • Erin created a new pad for her review of five possible app creation platforms.
  • Erin presented her "findings" and it was agreed that Mozilla Appmaker will be used.
  • A review of presentation question responses was done.
  • Updates and changes were made to responses.
  • A look at Vim's PPS was done.
  • Each was given their role and responsibility for Monday's presentation: Intro (title, tweet, etc.): Narinee Halajian; Objective/ Purpose: Vim; Concepts/Research: Erin; Structure: Mark 
  • A meeting to finalize and share presentation materials was scheduled for Monday, November 3 for 3:30 PM in the DoE grad computer lab.
November 3: face-to-face meeting AND presentation to class and professor
Narinee Halajian, Vim, and Mark present
  • Completion of PPT for presentation in front of class. (Erin provided her information by email, and it was included.)
  • Discussions followed about preparation, strengths of our idea, weaknesses, possible problems, etc.
  • Presentation flowed smoothly and easily for each presenter. 
  • There was a great deal of enthusiasm and encouragement for the project from classmates. 
  • Comments helped encourage us along our path (Mozilla Appmaker vs. BuzzTouch), included other possible sources (https://balsamiq.org and http://www.codecademy.com/), or to focus on credit cards more specifically. Balsamiq is a wireframing platform that allows you to create "pleasant interfaces".
  • The biggest concern was the sharing of information since our target audience is high school students. This needs to be addressed and have solid solutions for our presentation.
  • Have sample scenarios pre-prepared for the students.
  • Have options for kids that find it difficult/too easy.
  • Mint.com, individual bank apps, Easy Envelope Budget Aid, IOU Debt Manager, Canada Taxes & Tip Calculator are some free apps.
  • Another conference call was scheduled to practice/play-around with/explore Mozilla Appmaker together for Wednesday, November 5 at 8:30 PM.
November 5: Skype conference call
Erin, Narinee Halajian, Vim, and Mark present
  • Reviewed feedback received (both formally and informally) and our opinion of the project compared to other projects presented.
  • We must keep in mind our ambitions and the 90 min. parameter,
  • Action plan: 
  • Educate ourselves: do some tutorials on Appmaker (Dr. G says that new resources have appeared on-line since our lab evening).
  • A pad will be created for us to share our opinions and example tutorials.
  • Look at sample financial apps that already exist and determine if they might be suitable for re-mixing.
  • Look into (talk to Dr. G about remixing and intellectual content and infringement) using these apps as our basis. Can we actually re-mix for our needs because of educational context?
  • Experiment with app-building, if possible, before next meeting. 
If you have time to look at Appmaker before Saturday, please put a few comments in here. Also, if you find a tutorial you think is worthwhile, put the URL here for us to look at as well. 
  • Positives: 
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Linda-Ann Student name:  Linda-Ann Bonny
Title:  Ethnography
References: via e-mail
Reference: Sent via email   (with in text/image citations)
Dominique Note: i can't seem to get the setting to stick to Coloured Stories - two rows... (that's how I want you guys to see it anyway =o)
Note: My categories show up as different colors but the titles aren't appearing. Green is for Palestinian identities, blue is for Israeli identities, and red is for works that bridge the two. 
Yixin P I think perhaps it is because you hide the heading in the advanced setting. 
Marian I tried fixing it but it only allows category titles if I keep the category color white... it's weird. I added a description in the intro so they're hopefully more clear now. Thank you!
References listed throughout. 
Renee C Student Name:  Renee Cohen 
Project Title:  IMAX
Rferences listed throughout.
John Student Name: John Murray
Project Title: Taping It Together: The Participatory Audio Recording Movement
Reference list for timeline text sent by e-mail; image, video, and audio sources listed within the timeline.
Linda-Ann Student name:  Mark Kozma
Mark Title:  #Hashtag
Mark References: included in timeline
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Mozilla Projects
Group Members: Roza and Atefe 
Group Members: John
John Please use Google Chrome to play the project without a pause. In Firefox and Safari, you will have to slide the video counter from the 1:26 mark to the 1:40 mark because of a video I incorporated that doesn't load fully for some reason. Thanks!
Group Members: Klara, Jennifer, and Mark
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Also, here is a list of question stems (question starters) to either prepare in advance, or to help you structure, guide, and push the seminar/discussion forward in class: http://www.nscsd.org/webpages/jennisullivan/files/hots_questions.pdf
Your comments and/or additions to this feed would be greatly appreciated.
Erin Thanks Mark. I can't wait to take a look. Is it possible both links lead to the same info?
Mark Oops! Fixed, Erin. Thanks for noticing.

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