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Renee Cohen

1158 days ago
Linda-Ann Student name:  Linda-Ann Bonny
Title:  Ethnography
References: via e-mail
Maya Refrences: Listed throughout the timeline
Reference: Sent via email   (with in text/image citations)
Dominique Note: i can't seem to get the setting to stick to Coloured Stories - two rows... (that's how I want you guys to see it anyway =o)
Marian Student Name: Marian Deldelian
Project Title: The Construction of Identity Through Video
Sources: Embedded in Timeline. 
Note: My categories show up as different colors but the titles aren't appearing. Green is for Palestinian identities, blue is for Israeli identities, and red is for works that bridge the two. 
Yixin P I think perhaps it is because you hide the heading in the advanced setting. 
Marian I tried fixing it but it only allows category titles if I keep the category color white... it's weird. I added a description in the intro so they're hopefully more clear now. Thank you!
Yixin P Student Name: Yixin PENG
Project Title: WeChat
Erin Student Name: Erin Stashin
Project Title: LinkedIn: A Short Historical Review
References listed throughout. 
Renee C Student Name:  Renee Cohen 
Project Title:  IMAX
Rferences listed throughout.

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