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Alex Title: The 3 Cs - A First Aid Protocol 
Group Members: Renata Chiaradia, Chirine Nassar & Alejandra Flores Valz
1107 days ago
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Alex Feedback: Keep your health in Check Using Tech!
Thank you for participating in our DiscoTech!
Your feedback is important to us. Please go to http://technologyandhealth.wordpress.com/about/ and answer our survey (you'll find it at the bottom of the page).
1123 days ago
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Alex An interesting article about innovation and the net neutrality debate: http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2014-11-11/innovation-net-neutrality-and-reality
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1126 days ago
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  • •  Design your Health from the Palm of your Hands.
  1. Describe your project in 140 characters (Tweet Style)
  • To present 5 workshop stations to teach and raise awareness about health and wellness through the use of accessible and interactive media. 
  1. Who is your audience?
  •             We will focus on adults of different ages and backgrounds, interested in having or maintaining a healthier lifestyle or who wish to improve their wellness and health conditions by using technology as a support device to accomplish their objectives. 
  1. What are the objectives of your DiscoTech Project?
  •            - Raise awareness on health and wellness
  •            - Demonstrate how to adopt a healthy lifestyle
  •            - Introduce and demystify the use of technology to facilitate and manage health,              and to reach health objectives
  1. What concepts from class are you drawing from? Why?
  1. Why are you creating this project? What is the purpose?
  • To raise awareness about health and wellness
  • Using media to stay healthy
  • Using technology to raise awareness about health and wellness
  1. How is the workshop structured? What is the learning sequence?
Atefe A
  •      The workshop will start with an awareness phase, by educating participants about health and wellness issues and what they can do to improve their lifestyle through nutrition, physical activity, and health management.  Technology that supports and facilitates this management will then be presented and demonstrated.  Participants will then be invited to experience how these technologies can be used. 
  • a. Introduction (welcome, video, brief workshop overview, objectives).
  • b. Story narration
  • c. Assign participants into 3 groups
  • d. Rotation of groups (each group will visit 3 different stations where apps will be presented
  • e. Activity instructions
  • f. Activity development
  • g. Group presentations
  • h. Conclusion (plenary?)
  1. What is the physical setup for the workshop? What resources are needed?
  • We will use 3 stations: we must visit the room to choose the best setup
  • One facilitator will be in charge of each station.
  • -Chairs
  • -Material for the activity
1144 days ago
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Alex Thank you Najla :)  interesting indeed.

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