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Roza Mic Check! Media Cultures and the Occupy Movement
Seminar by Roza J. & Narinee H.
Hello class!
To enjoy for this week-end and to prepare  for the upcoming seminar, we advise you to have a look at the following materials: 
Infographics: Occupy Wall Street (OWS)
1) Are we the 99% ? 
2) occupy = mindbomb ! 
3) Insight into Occupy Movements 
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Dominique Show Me Don't Tell Me - The non-designer's guide to infographic design.
A Disco-Tech Workshop
François Gascon
Roza Jeladyan
Yixin (Cindy) Peng
Dominique Robertson
Ye 2. Describe your project in 140 characters (Tweet style) 
  • If pictures tell a 1000 words, best to learn how to make great ones.4 elements of effective infographic design that all Instructional Designers should know. 
Ye 3. Who is your audience?
  •  for novice/inexperienced Instructional Designers  seeking to create 
  •   effective visual media
Ye 4. What are the objectives of your DiscoTech Project?
  • Explain and apply the following elements of effective graphic design to an info-graphic
  • Proximity, Alignment, Repetition and Contrast
  • Be able to identify  ineffective info-graphics
  • Create an effective  infographic using Piktochart (free-software) based on the principles discussed.
Ye 5. What concepts from class are you drawing from? Why?
  • We will be increasingly draw upon to use collaborative tools where work is shared across
  •  networks.
  • Brainstorming for ideas: The creative process needs to be encouraged and nurtured. This workshop will encourage this through application.
  • Storytelling: Storytelling increases retention and engages audiences. We need to practice storytelling in various formats.
Ye 6. Why are you creating this project? What is the purpose?
  • Our world is increasingly web driven. As Instructional designers, we need to be able to function in that space with as many tools as possible. Info-graphics are an increasingly popular and effective way of representing ideas and concepts that all Instructional Designers should know how to use well.
  • Well designed media will make a  difference in audience engagement
  • Instructional designers need to be able to covey their ideas in an efficient manner that makes sense. This workshop will serve as a focal point to get learners thinking about conveying ideas in condensed graphical medium.
Ye 7. How is the workshop structured? What is the learning sequence?
Dominique 30 minutes discussion/presentation
•Four elements of design (proximity, alignment,
repetition, and contrast) and good info-graphic
•visual examples of effective and “bad” design
45-60 Minutes Group work
•Creation of an info-graphic on Piktochart
15-20 minutes group presentations
Sharing, and feedback
Ye 8. What is the physical setup for the workshop? What resources are needed?
Roza We would conduct this session in the graduate computer lab. 
  • Need access to computers
  • A projector
  • The internet for all
Alternatively, we could have all bring in their laptops or tablets. 
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