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Mark Kozma

1115 days ago
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Thanks again to Alex and Ye for their engaging presentation :)
Mark K Maybe we don't have to go to the outernet. Here is an article from CBC about using TV signals to provide Internet to rural communities. Oh, but wait. The government (probably under pressure from lobbyists) is dragging its feet on this. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/red-tape-slowing-spread-of-high-speed-wireless-says-6harmonics-1.2848662
1114 days ago
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Vim N
  •  love John Oliver! Thanks for sharing Dr. G!
Mark K
  • He is so very spot on!
1115 days ago
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The second is a vlog entry from early 2013 (http://youtu.be/O51nverG-h8). I believe it addresses some of the issues of online networks, and how the control of our individualized networking is being subverted by logarithms and corporate control of social networking sites (SNS) for profit. To help you contextualize, you may wish to review pages 20-21 of our readings for a brief explanation of collapsed contexts, or you can view Wesch's presentation at the Library of Congress (http://youtu.be/TPAO-lZ4_hU). 
Mark K Thank you to everyone for your participation. I hope you found it beneficial and informative for your future endeavours with communities and networks whether they be virtual, or traditional.
Here is the link to Robin Dunbar's presentation at a TEDx conference: http://youtu.be/07IpED729k8
Here is a funny column about trying to disprove Dunbar's number: http://www.wired.com/2012/03/dunbars-number-facebook/
1130 days ago
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Mark K After last night's interesting, and well-directed, seminar, I came home to this article in Maclean's: http://www.macleans.ca/news/world/the-right-to-be-forgotten-online-will-it-ruin-the-internet/
It brings some ideas from last night, as well as the discussion on meta-data, into another light. 
   1. Do we have the right to be forgotten?
   2. What can be forgotten? What shouldn't? 
   3. Is meta-data "personal information"?
   4. Can we request that our meta-data be "forgotten"?
   5. Is the Internet a citizen of the world, or a citizen of every country?
   6. What about false information published in newspapers, blogs, comments, etc.?
As Linda Richman (Mike Myers) used to say, "Talk amongst yourselves".
1127 days ago
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NaViME DiscoTech: The Building Blocks of Appmaker
Meetings and Summaries:
  • Positives: 
  • Negatives:
  • Positives: 
  • Negatives:
In case we get stuck, we can do the same with these platforms. 
  • Positives: Looks like it could do what we want, but the interface is so complex that it would be nearly impossible to do a budget app in under 3 hours.
  • Negatives:
Meetings and Summaries:
Mark November 8: Skype conference call
Erin, Narinee Halajian, Vim, and Mark present
  • Vim shared "blocks" on Appmaker.
Mark K November 14: Face-to-face meeting
Erin, Narinee Halajian, Vim, and Mark present
  • On November 12, Vim sent an email to the group noting her hesitance about Appmaker and our project as discussed.
  • After each member responded, it was agreed upon to change the focus of our project away from budgeting to something more feasible.
  • Dr. G was informed of our decision, and supported the change.
  • A group discussion was held about the change. Vim suggested using Infinite Monkeys to create an app for a business. Erin suggested teaching coding. Mark offered the continued use of Appmaker, but for a different goal.
  • An open exchange was held, and it was agreed for the time remaining, and with the work that remains in other classes, Appmaker should be what is presented.
  • Each member will present a specific function of Appmaker: Narinee will showcase the music functions, and show how to import a file to Appmaker; Erin will highlight the "To do" checklist function; Vim will present the counter and line-graph bricks; Mark will present the text-input and chat possibilities.
  • Each member will have 12 minutes to make their presentation.
  • Mark will create a schedule for the presentation and share with the group.
  • Each presentation will be hands-on.
  • The new title of our presentation is "The building blocks of Appmaker".
  • A Skype conference call was scheduled for Thursday, November 20 at 8:30 PM
DiscoTech presentation schedule:
0:00- 10:00 Introduction: Presentation of plan for workshop, goals, technology to be shared, and video.
10:00-15:00 Transition: Getting participants logged into Webmaker.org, and then over to Appmaker.
15:00-27:00 First presentation
27:00-30:00 Transition
30:00-42:00 Second presentation
42:00-45:00 Transition
45:00-57:00 Third presentation
57:00-60:00 Transition
60:00-72:00 Fourth presentation
72:00-75:00 Transition
75:00-85:00 Wrap-up, summary, and presentation of either other possibilities, or other (more powerful) tools
85:00-90:00 Extra time...
Meetings and Summaries:
November 20: Skype conference call

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