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  •             We will focus on adults of different ages and backgrounds, interested in having or maintaining a healthier lifestyle or who wish to improve their wellness and health conditions by using technology as a support device to accomplish their objectives. We will also focus on professionals from the health and nutrition fields who wish to incorporate apps and technology into their daily practice.
  1. What are the objectives of your DiscoTech Project?
Renata C
  •            - Raise awareness on health and wellness
  •            - Demonstrate how to adopt a healthy lifestyle
  •            - Introduce and demystify the use of technology to facilitate and manage health,              and to reach health objectives
  1. What concepts from class are you drawing from? Why?
  1. Why are you creating this project? What is the purpose?
  • To raise awareness about health and wellness
  1. How is the workshop structured? What is the learning sequence?
Atefe A
  • Structure:
  •      This workshop will begin with an introduction of the topic, including health statistics and their social/economic impact, followed by our presentation's objectives and how technology can support/play a role in health awareness/management.  
  •      Although the focus of this workshop is on the positive and practical aspects of technology with respect to health awareness and management, facilitators will also discuss some of the inherent risks involved in releasing private information, and how to use these technologies while maintaining privacy.
  •      Participants will learn how accessible technology can help maintain a healthy life style including diet and physical activity, as well as help people facing health problems such as depression and heart disease.
  •      After participants are assigned to groups, they can experience the process that a traveler who manages her health and wellness through the use of some health apps.
  • Learning Sequences:
  •      The workshop will start with an awareness phase, by educating participants about health and wellness issues and what they can do to improve their lifestyle through nutrition, physical activity, and health management.  Technology that supports and facilitates this management will then be presented and demonstrated.  Participants will then be invited to experience how these technologies can be used. 
  • a. Introducing facilitators
  1. What is the physical setup for the workshop? What resources are needed?
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Atefe A It reminds me of Metadata discussion :) Thanks 
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Roza Student Name: Nafiseh Adibi
Atefe A Title: Condition One
References: Provided in the project
Student Name: Klara 

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