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1158 days ago
Linda-Ann Student name:  Linda-Ann Bonny
Title:  Ethnography
References: via e-mail
Maya Refrences: Listed throughout the timeline
Reference: Sent via email   (with in text/image citations)
Dominique Note: i can't seem to get the setting to stick to Coloured Stories - two rows... (that's how I want you guys to see it anyway =o)
Marian Student Name: Marian Deldelian
Project Title: The Construction of Identity Through Video
Sources: Embedded in Timeline. 
Note: My categories show up as different colors but the titles aren't appearing. Green is for Palestinian identities, blue is for Israeli identities, and red is for works that bridge the two. 
Yixin P I think perhaps it is because you hide the heading in the advanced setting. 
Marian I tried fixing it but it only allows category titles if I keep the category color white... it's weird. I added a description in the intro so they're hopefully more clear now. Thank you!
Yixin P Student Name: Yixin PENG
Project Title: WeChat
Erin Student Name: Erin Stashin
Project Title: LinkedIn: A Short Historical Review
References listed throughout. 
Renee C Student Name:  Renee Cohen 
Project Title:  IMAX
Rferences listed throughout.
1173 days ago
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Do you feel that storytelling has a bigger impact when it comes from a personal place (self-introspection) where the storyteller has lived the story, or can an external person tell it just as efficiently, if not more efficiently?
Secondary Questions:
  1. Do you feel the digital medium for storytelling changes the impact (greater/less) that a story can have? What are the differences compared to "regular" storytelling?
  1. Do you think that the story examples that Joe Lambert put in the text, namely Johnny's story,  Esperanza's, or Lina's mother's story, achieved the points that he was trying to? 
  1. Can you name a story/digital media form (movie) that has changed/shaped your thinking? What were the elements that made you engage with it in this way?
  • Three Little Pigs:
  • The story of three little pig brothers who all make houses out of various materials, applying varying ranges of effort in order to hide from the Big Bad Wolf. The little pig who builds his house with the strongest material  (brick) that took the longest and most effort and thought ends up helping the other two.
Concordia W
  • Red Riding Hood:
  • A little girl is told not to talk to strangers on the way as she brings a basket of goodies to her grandma's. She totally ends up talking to the big bad wolf (of course), who finds out where she is going and is waiting to eat her once she gets there.
  • Cricket and the Ant:
  • The Ant works away all summer storing food for the winter while the Cricket spends his time horsing around playing the fiddle, not concerned with the winter.... the winter is coming. Winter comes, the Ant is sitting pretty on his stores of food and the cricket.. well the cricket is cold and hungry and better hope the Ant likes music.
  • The Tortoise and the Hare
1183 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Concordia Webmaker 1183 days ago

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