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Narinee Halajian

1131 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Narinee Halajian , Erin , John 1131 days ago
Narinee H Group members: Vim Naidoo & Narinee Halajian
Title: I Heard It Through The Grape Vine Leaves
Erin Group members: Nafishe Adibi and Erin Stashin 
Title: LinkedIn: From Lax to Love in 1 minute
John Title: How to Break the Stress Cycle
Group members: Renee Cohen and John Murray
1107 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Narinee Halajian 1107 days ago
  • Facebook - New Privacy Settings
Discover what's going on around you: We’re updating our policies to explain how we get location information depending on the features you decide to use. Millions of people check into their favorite places and use optional features like Nearby Friends (currently only available in some regions). We're working on ways to show you the most relevant information based on where you are and what your friends are up to. For example, in the future, if you decide to share where you are, you might see menus from restaurants nearby or updates from friends in the area.
  • -M. 
Narinee H
  • Yeah I saw that and have been debating whether to stay on or not. 
1111 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Narinee Halajian 1111 days ago
Narinee H A few examples of Fan Made stuff
It's taken a while but after that fan fiction conversation last class I realised that there were some clips and even a movie I could show. I have no idea if it is really relevant but as I said it might be interesting to know about them.
The first one is a clip by fans of Lord of the Rings who made their own low budget film about Aragorn's father. So it's a prequel of a prequel. I think it happens before the events of The Hobbit, I am not entirely sure.  All the make up and props were apparently designed by the actors or other participants themselves. 
The next one is a clip of BBC's Sherlock and Doctor Who mashed up. I thought it was real for a second when I first saw it but it's just wishful thinking. 
Of course in both of these clips there are trolls (people who post awful comments for the sake of it) but it can't be helped. 
This last one is from a British Talk show and he is writing a blurb for a fan fiction story and here is the link to the fan faction story if you wish
1159 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ye , Narinee Halajian , Renata 1159 days ago
Ye Student name: Ye Shu
Project Title: Kickstarter Timeline
References: All references are in the timeline itself. 
Renata Student Name: Renata Chiaradia
Project Title: Google Street View
References to be sent by e-mail.

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